Vivaldi Mobile Browser Wishlist

Congrats to Vivaldi for publishing the mobile browser. Here is my little wishlist of what I consider missing features.

In addition to Reader view, it would be nice to have themes (to theme the web rather than the app) or the Page Actions menu with Filter Grayscale, Filter Invert, Fonts Monospace and other items great to have on handhelds.

As to tab management, the tabs bar in the tablet version should be hideable, and the tabs window is painfully missing a long press function. The long press on a tile should either open a menu (to e.g. clone the tile) or start multi-selection (for bulk-close, bulk-bookmark, etc.).

In the tab management window, the app menu should have the option for list view instead of tile view. As to the tile view, it would be nice to have more tiling like on desktop Vivaldi, with barely any margins between the tiles so as tyo make as efficient use of the limited space as possible, with dragging of content, dragging of tile edges, and drag-and-drop of tiles.

And something I would like to see in every browser: Make the device’s volume buttons scroll webpages, a setting for both full-page and half-page length.

I know, never going to happen, but just a few suggestions to make Vivaldi mobile version unique.

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  1. In my mind, this feature CAN be great. A problem would be the fact, that if your scroll with your volume buttons, how do you adjust the actual volume? There are many situations, where this is the case, for example while browsing and listening to music.
    There could be 2 solutions to this:
    One solution could be to do an adjustable (setting px per click) action for scrolling with the volume buttons (1 click = xy px scrolling) and adding a widget at the menu on the top right corner (vivaldi symbol), where the volume can be adjusted.
    The other solution does not require the widget. If you press the volume Button once, vivaldi scrolls a certain amout of px. But if you press the button twice in a row (double tap), the action changes from scrolling to adjusting the actual volume. In the double tap case vivaldi does not scroll!
    It should also be considered that I cant guarantee that this is even technically possible, because vivaldi is still limited to google’s apis. But anyway, i think it is a good idea.

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