Emacs Org mode: Markup for notes and planning

The best markup for notes is plain text. After having looked around for decades, I have found that the only two markup languages worth mastering are Pandoc markdown and Emacs Org mode. They are worth it not only because of their initial proximity to plain text, which makes them simple to start with (if you need extended and advanced features, it quickly gets more complicated of course, yet part of their value is that all the imaginable advanced features are there, too), but also because of the sophisticated and convenient infrastructure that has already been created to back up the user base.

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Mouse follows focus in Windows, an AutoHotkey script

If you are unlucky enough to have to use Windows, but lucky enough to get AutoHotkey installed, then here is a script that I use to enable the mouse-follows-focus function which I find indispensable. Somewhere deep in the settings, Windows has focus-follows-mouse, i.e. focus (and raise) the window where the mouse pointer currently is, which is good if you find the mouse the quickest way to switch between windows. But apparently the only way in Windows to get mouse-follows-focus, i.e. automatically bring the mouse pointer to the window that you switched to by keyboard, is an AutoHotkey script.
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