Medit Custom Actions

Similarly as Thunar allows custom actions, the text editor Medit has the same feature. Here’s a little codebit to trim text with Medit.

Medit’s custom actions are under Preferences/Tools. There you will find a bunch of examples from which to learn, both in regular command line syntax and in more advanced scripting languages. This example is a regular command line.

I often need to trim whitespace and delete all line endings (which are left by pressing Enter) in plain text files. The command line which does it:

sed 's/^[ \t]*//;s/[ \t]*$//' | tr '\n' ' '

Custom actions need a label in Medit’s Tools dialog. In this case “Trim” is fitting. Other applicable settings:

  • Requires: Document
  • Save: Nothing
  • Type: Shell command
  • Input: Selected lines
  • Output: Insert into the document
  • Filter: Default

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