Still looking for the perfect desktop: Workspaces versus tags

Looks like tiling window managers have either workspaces or tags and the two terms are not interchangeable.

Workspaces, in i3wm at least, are attributed at startup one per monitor/display, and then can be added per monitor/display.

Tags, as in Bspwm, awesome, and DWM, are a bunch per monitor/display at startup. However, a single tag is displayed per monitor/display, as if the tag were a workspace.

In i3wm, a window belongs to a “container” in a given workspace. The user sees the window when viewing that workspace. The same window cannot appear on multiple workspaces at the same time.

In tagging window managers, a window can be tagged with multiple tags and then, when viewing a tag, the same window can appear e.g. maximised in one tag and tiled among other windows in another tag.

The container logic in i3wm always felt like a limiting and restricting facot for me, while the tagging feature has immense productivity potential.

Todo: Find a way to emulate window tagging in i3wm. Still sticking with i3wm as its statusbar lists windows and other data exactly as I want it and unfortunately this statusbar does not work in other window managers…

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